Everyone is Filipino

We are Filipino

Hey buddies, I know it’s been 5 weeks since I last been on here, but I can’t run away forever.  I knew I would be back on here eventually if I ran into a Filipino-related problem (which is inevitably inescapable). Actually, I had negative Filipino encounters during those 5 weeks with my first one being within the first week of my absence from PFB.com, so don’t be too surprised that it took 5 weeks.  During my encounters, needless to say that it deals with their … Continue reading…

Theft Failure

So for the 3rd time in less than 2 months some stupid Filipino tried to steal a part/accessory off my car. Fairly rare car i own and little bit on the expensive side. Very hard to find parts. There are only handful of people that can afford to own them and the majority of them live in my community. So the first time was a Tow Ring attached under the back bumper. This piece can easily be removed by simply twisting it to the left. … Continue reading…

Time To Laugh (Part 1)


Well, in a country (albeit a poor excuse for a country) with people that will make any sane person from the West, with an I.Q. in the double digits at the least, go practically insane after dealing with the relentless stupidity, idiocy, and self-centered pridefulness, I would like to give you an opportunity to laugh. Enjoy (This is Part 1)   Q:  How many flip jokes are there? A:  About 99 million, and multiplying like rabbits.   Q:  No, seriously.  How many flip jokes are … Continue reading…

Things You Will Never / Always Find In Philippines

THINGS YOU WILL NEVER FIND IN PHILIPPINES: in·teg·ri·ty [in-teg-ri-tee] Show IPA noun 1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. 2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire. 3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull. dig·ni·ty [dig-ni-tee] Show IPA noun, plural dig·ni·ties. 1. bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation. 2. nobility or elevation of … Continue reading…

Filipinos are better than anyone else


Ok folks, Enjoy this one. this came in as a user-submitted post. I’m just going to publish the whole thing as is. He/she must be about 9 years old. But then again, MOST Filipinos have the mind of about 8 or 9 years old. Enjoy a good laugh at this one.   Hi Admin, Please do not post until after the asterisks below. So you can identify if a post is from me I will precede future articles with the signature “UtakDyipni”. Thanks. *********************************************************** We … Continue reading…

Meet Phil, Your Typical Filipino Idiot

Filipinos are very immature

Hi there! I’m Phil, and I’m a complete Filipino douche. I am your typical Filipino idiot. You’re likely to see me standing or sitting next to the road, or hell, even ON the road, watching traffic go by. That’s my favorite thing to do. Sometimes I nap by the road. That’s entertainment for me because I’m thick as a fucking brick. I can just stand there watching traffic all fucking day, every day. I guess if I had a job I would have something worthwhile … Continue reading…

The Source Of Filipino Stupidity

Let me formally introduce myself before I move onto what I am about to say in my story.  My name is Al, and I am a foreigner from America visiting Philippines long term to be with my wife, who happens to be a filipina.  Even though I married her, I am not afraid to admit that she is an idiot, I even included her in my first story that Filofail had posted for me from my comments section.  Another interesting fact about me that is … Continue reading…

Filipinos Turn Suicide Attempt Into Entertainment Event

Ok, this made my blood boil. Look at all the Filipinos standing around DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but gawk and take photos with their cell phones at this injured person. Even the guards, who carry first aid kits on their belts do NOTHING to help this man who jumps from the floor above. And that’s another fucking stupidity. Attempting suicide by jumping from about 40 feet high. You can see he’s still alive, because he is moving. If you want to kill yourself, you can pretty … Continue reading…

Do, Re, ME!!! Every Filipinos’ Favorite Note of the Scale

Stupid Filipino Me Monsters

To say that the Philippines is a nation of “Me Monsters” is to make a gross understatement. And to understand the raw truth of the disgusting me-first attitude in this country you have to see it for yourself. Words just cannot convey it adequately. But I will try. The ways in which this me-first syndrome (a sickness here, really) gets expressed are multivarious and omnipresent. On the roads, in the malls (for the pedestrian component, as there are virtually no sidewalks here – WTF?), at … Continue reading…

I’m Your USELESS Filipino Traffic Enforcer

Stupid Filipino Traffic Enforcer

Hello! I am your friendly but useless dumb-as-fuck Filipino Traffic Enforcer. You will usually find me sitting in the shade on the side of a highway or road. Sometimes I’ll get up and direct traffic. You will usually find me at a location where I’m not at all needed and essentially useless, such as a straight, non-congested part of a highway with no intersection at all. I am very much like the traffic laws (and most laws in Philippines), I’m essentially there as an ornament. … Continue reading…

Sweeping Water And Epidemic Aquaphobia In Philippines

sweeping water

What is up with this epidemic fear of water that Filipinos have? I swear to gawd, if it’s raining, they’ll make themselves late for work because they can’t get a few raindrops on them. “I will wait until the light rain stops, then I’ll go to work”. Oh there’s umbrellas, but even with an umbrella, you risk getting moist. They’ll even cancel school if it rains a bit too hard! Can you believe that?? WTF??? OMG! IT’S JUST WATER!!!!!!!! And then OH MY FUCKING GOD!! … Continue reading…

Empty Bottles, Lame Excuses, Empty Brains

Stupid Filipino

Hey, quick question…. How many of you have ever asked for steak sauce, or ketchup, or some other condiment at a restaurant and been handed an empty bottle? I swear to GAWD this has happened to me COUNTLESS times in my 6 years here. I can honestly say it’s never happened to me once in my 38 years in USA. It’s never happened to me once in any other country I have visited. Never. But I thought it was worth blogging now, because yesterday was … Continue reading…

Email From A Stupid Filipino

I thought this was funny, so I thought I would share this with the readers. The idiot filo accuses me of not spelling words right, and that I should hire a proof reader, then he dumbasses all over himself with

“First of all, you need to hire a proof-reader for you blog because you….”

I swear, these dumbass Filos prove me right every time they open their mouths LOL!!!

and then he says this:

“the people you encountered may not be the most educated people living here and were not privileged enough to have an education.”

Yeah, just more lame excuses for their stupidity. It’s a freak accident and coincidence that the only people I have ever encountered here over the past 6 years were uneducated. What’s the chance of that happening??? And then he acts as if their education system is top notch, when in fact it’s one of the most pathetic on earth. Just more typical dumbass filo denial and reactivity to prove this blog right.

I guess all foreigners who have been living here for years who agree with this blog have only run in to uneducated people also. What a typical idiot filo.

Fact is, MOST people I know here are college grads, and are still dumb as fuck. It’s not a question of education. It’s just the fact that ignorance and stupidity, and lies and dishonesty, and no reason or logic is what filos have been raised with, and so their stupidity is inherent. And the sender of this email proved it.

To: Webmaster


You asshole


Are you familiar with WordPress blog authoring interface?

 * yes


I am:

 * a native Filipino


First of all, you need to hire a proof-reader for you blog because you don’t even know how to spell words right. Secondly, how can you say that you are not technically a Filipino, you have our “stupidity”

and “common discourtesy” flowing through your fucking veins.

Lastly, whoever made you the Lord of all-knowingness?! Huh?! If you would please just kick your own ass, you’d be saving us a lot of trouble; the people you encountered may not be the most educated people living here and were not privileged enough to have an education. Get off your self-built pedestal that makes you feel superior because making a blog to vent out your frustrations and messing up the basics of your own so called, “English Language” is pitiful. You are one piece of work, you derelict. Have a nice time in hell when you get there.

One does not need to be a “Lord of all-knowingness” to recognize blatant stupidity, utter ignorance, blatant lies, and a complete absence of logic and reason.

You just need to NOT be raised in Philippines.

I would venture to say that most of the elected officials in government are educated. It’s from THEM you see A WHOLE LOT OF MINDLESSNESS, STUPIDITY, BLATANT LIES, AND COMPLETE ABSENCE OF LOGIC AND REASON.

And the fact of the matter is, the stupid Filipinos that I write about in this blog are people I do encounter every week for the past 6 years, such as store managers, restaurant managers, bank managers, hotel managers, utility company managers, etc… And you know as well as I do, UNEDUCATED FILIPINO IDIOTS don’t get those jobs in Philippines. Only the EDUCATED FILIPINO IDIOTS do. And I’m telling you, there is NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE AT ALL BETWEEN THE TWO!

So my friend, find another excuse that might not be quite as lame as the one you feebly attempted to give. You might also want to take a look at the poll on the right sidebar of this blog. 82% of 233 voters agree that this blog is true, and appropriately harsh. 12% agree this blog is true, but maybe too harsh, so a WHOPPING 94% OF READERS AGREE WITH THIS BLOG.

So please accuse all of them of “only encountering uneducated Filipino idiots” also. You moron. LOL!

Common Courtesy, Common Respect Is Smothered By An Overwhelming Sense Of Entitlement

Why is it when you talk to a native Filipino, whatever you said is completely forgotten and no longer applies in just a matter of hours? Why is it when you give them an inch, they feel completely entitled to take a mile? Why is is that when you try to help them, it’s got to be their way or no way at all, when in fact it was their way that caused them to need help in the first place? Why is it that … Continue reading…

Gun Violence, The Filipino Way Of Solving Crime

Gun Violence Mandaue City Philippines

Today a young woman about 20 + years was killed in cold blood in broad daylight outside one of the malls in Mandaue City. A guy i met here and have on facebook wrote about this and the Phillippine debate was all going the comments. Of course this is sad, for me, being swedish and all, gun violence is very rare and is swiftly handled by the police. But we’re not talking about Sweden, were talking about this proud-ass fucking country.. The Filipinos see the … Continue reading…

Ok, Yes I’m Wrong, BUT….{Insert Blame & Justification Here}

Idiot Filipino

I know you’ll find this shocking, and some may say I’m contradicting myself, and maybe I am, but….. There are actually some Filipinos who will admit when they’re wrong when you have fought tooth and nail to present the proof and logic. Oh they fight like hell to resist, but some Filipinos, when cornered, will back down if you’re personally close enough to them. Then they will exhibit a brief…and I accent BRIEF moment of humility. It’s so brief that if you blink your eyes, … Continue reading…

Common F#cking Sense Infringes On A Filipino’s Right To Be Stupid

Try using common sense on a Filipino when you are issuing a complaint over their ignorance or stupidity which is negatively affecting you. It doesn’t work..AT ALL. Common sense and common courtesy is shunned in Philippines. Filipinos are always right in their own mind, regardless of how OBVIOUS it is they are wrong.

Common sense and reason is their enemy. It infringes on their sense of entitlement and right to be incredibly stupid ignorant idiots.

stupid people in large groups.But boy oh boy, when the tables are turned and they find themselves in the exact same position, they are confronting you and all up in your shit and trying to ruin you in a moment’s notice. They are in your face over the exact same thing you were bitching at them about yesterday. But they can’t remember that far back, so it’s no point in even bothering to talk to them about it. Whether they remember it or not, they’ll deny it anyway. (And that’s good for another entire blog post).

It must be their undying devotion to the invisible man in the sky named God that makes them such pathetically blatant hypocrites.

I’ve never known a single religious person who wasn’t a hypocrite. Hypocrisy and religion go hand in hand. And I think the reason why they’re all so religious is because they’re all so god damn dumb as a sun dried dog turd.

Maybe this is why Filipinos seldom complain. They know the reaction they’ll get from the other fellow shit-for-brains. So why bother? If you complain, no matter how reasonable and logical and valid your complaint is, you will get the denial, the self-preservation, and then they will get MAD AT YOU for HAVING THE UNMITIGATED NERVE, THE SHEER DISCOURTESY to confront them about their stupidity which is causing you a problem or cost you money, or whatever the situation is. You are infringing in their right to be a completely ignorant, mindless, idiotic stupid fuck. And that just isn’t cool man! Because most people who possess at least a measurable level of intelligence knows that it requires at least a measurable level of human dignity to admit when you’re wrong, and accept suggestions or learning a better way when shown, instead of using the filogical thinking that says, “If I didn’t think of it, I will reject it because that will make me look more stupid.” But that is filogic for you. Always ass-backwards thinking.

If I didn’t have this blog to blow off some steam, I would probably be in desperate need of some heavy tranquilizers. Because just when I think I’ve reached a point where I can handle the sheer brainlessness of these utterly ignorant, discourteous, rude, unreasonable, illogical lazy nose picking dumb fucks, I run into a situation that pegs out my wig-o-meter again because they just continually out-do themselves at being stupid, as if there’s an ongoing contest and the one who is the most utterly complete stupid as fuck wins 10,000,000 pesos. I would swear there is a national “Lotto-of-Stupidity” and everyone is trying to get in on it and win.

In Philippines, The Hard Way Is The Best Way, It’s Simple Filogic!

stupid filipino

In Philippines, the hard way, the most inconvenient, time-wasting, more laborious way is the best way. Why? Well they can can never seem to explain why. But that’s ok. To the average Filipino, it doesn’t matter one tiny little bit why. They don’t even care why. To be anything other than completely ignorant would require a measurable level of intelligence. So they don’t ask those meaningless, pointless questions. They believe that if they say it’s best, it’s best. It doesn’t matter if you just showed … Continue reading…

SM Mall Security – The “Frisk”…HILARIOUS!

Stupid SM Security Check

SM Mall Security is more hilarious than any episode of Seinfeld or Golden Girls. One of my favorite forms of entertainment in Philippines is spending at least 15 minutes or so watching foreigners go through SM Mall security. I just wait and watch for them to pass through the “frisk” and bag check. I don’t know why, but the stupid fake pointless frisk is god damned fucking hilarious. I love to watch the foreigners roll their eyes after passing through, and honestly, about 70% of … Continue reading…

Top 10 Most Stupid Things About Philippines

This list of the most stupid things in Philippines can virtually go on forever. But it’s close to my bedtime, so I’ll just list my top 10 that I can think of off the top of my head. Enjoy. SM Mall security checks. The pseudo-frisk at the waist line and dip of their stick in your bag. PLDT, enough said. Water pressure Power lines and posts Customer service of any kind Honoring warranties (or rather, NOT) Filipino drivers, enough said again. Serving of food at … Continue reading…

Philippines Jeepney Riding: Packed Like Pigs For Slaughter

stupid unsafe filipinos jeepney

I really don’t understand the lack of dignity and self respect that I see daily in the average Filipino out in public. I’m sure if you ride on a jeepney, you’ll know what I mean. The jeepney operator will never realize that his vehicle is full. There’s always room for one more in his mind, and he has no qualms about telling his paying passengers to squeeze in even more, or climb on the roof of the vehicle and ride up there. And on a … Continue reading…

I’m An Invisible Man In Philippines

walking in Philippines

Do you ever get the impression that you can’t be seen in Philippines? Whether you are driving or walking, nobody gives way. It’s like you’re not even there. Let’s start with driving. I have a few serious questions; Why do cars have turn signals here in Philippines? I get the impression that when you see the car in the lane next to you with his turn signal on, it means that you speed up to prevent his intention to turn or change lanes. Or you certainly … Continue reading…

Filipino Child Endangerment – Helmets For Mom & Dad, No Helmet For Child


How many times have you seen mom and dad riding on their motorcycle with their child sandwiched in the middle between them? I see it all the time here. Mom and dad have helmets, because they can be seen. They don’t want to get a citation. In their stupid tiny little brains, they obviously don’t think about the safety of their child. If there wasn’t a helmet law, they wouldn’t wear one either. But they wear one not because it could save your life, and … Continue reading…

Favorite Philippines: The Land Where NOTHING Is That Important

I guess maybe the title of this article might be a tiny bit overstated lang. As I was writing in the title, I did think of ONE thing that seems to be of the utmost importance to the average young Filipino; GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF HERE seems to be the primary life goal. Most make their their educational goals completely based on a field that has the best chance of getting them the fuck out of their own country while proclaiming national pride (“I’m … Continue reading…

PLDT Sucks Because It’s Run By Filipinos. All “Follow Up” But NO “Follow Through”

PLDT Sucks Because It’s Run By Filipinos. All “Follow Up” But NO “Follow Through”. … Continue reading…

Filipino Religious Ignorance: They Are Clueless To What They Believe

The Ten Commandments Exodus 20: 1-17 in the Bible 1 And God spoke all these words: 2 “I am the Lordyour God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 3 “You shall have no other gods before me. 4 “You shall not make for yourself any graven image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lordyour God, am … Continue reading…

Cutting In Line: Is It A Filipina Thing?

It seems almost inevitably that when waiting in a line, someone will often attempt to ever so rudely and blatantly cut right to the front of the line. And 99% of the time it’s a female. Have you ever been at the entrance of SM when there’s plenty of people entering? Is it my imagination, or do I get the impression that the females make an extra effort to bypass the line of people rudely and ignorantly shoving their way into the front of the … Continue reading…