House of Flies

There’s a mall in the Ortigas section of Manila called Podium. It’s a five minute walk from SM’s Mega Mall. It was one of their first attempts to do something a bit higher end. One side of the mall has some restaurants that have their own entrances – good for bypassing the security check at the front door and also good for getting in and out for a quick smoke….

Stupid Filipino butt-hurt idiots

Butt-Hurt Pinoy Pride Via Email

Just had to share this email string I had with that type of Pinoy who, from one side of his mouth agrees with us, but from the other side of his mouth, goes pinoy pride. Typical Pinoy filogic. Enjoy!   Hi, I’m a Filipino. In response to your posts, if you deemed us idiots and/or disappointed to basically everything related to us, then why the FUCK are you still here?…


Revving Motorcycles

  When I was in high school I took an auto shop course. One of the things I was taught was don’t rev your engine when it’s not in gear, because it’s bad for the bearings on the crank shaft. Most of the people living around me have motors, and tricycles. So every fucking morning between 4 and 7 all around me there are guys revving the shit out of…

McDonald's Philippines low standards

More McFAIL at McDonald’s Philippines

Out for a morning walk again, I popped into the consistently sub-standard McDonald’s which I normally avoid, for a Sausage McMuffin meal. Amazingly the food was all served at once (for once), but just like everything you do in Philippines, you can be sure that there will be some level of idiotic Filipino FAIL. I always keep my expectations of standards extremely low in Philippines. And Filipinos ALWAYS meet those extremely low expectations….



That is the motto of the Filipino nation. God will provide, via OFW mother, sister, brother, son/daughter and Kanos with a generous heart (ok, sucker if you must). Whatever happenned to saving for a rainy day? Standing on your own two feet, study while you got the money or work, save, plan for your future? Financial planning,….what is that? asks Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Pinoy. My mother’s little provincial town only has a…

Philippines Imbecile Nation

A Day In Imbecile Nation

Been “out and about” a whole lot more these days, and I’ve gotten to where I just gotta take pictures of the dumbfuckery I see nearly every minute I’m out. So instead of a separate post for each, I’m going to just dump them all in a single post. Walking by a construction site, it’s surrounded by the large ads. I thought this was so hilarious. “Child-friendly amenities that let…

proud to be chinoy pinoy

Should China Just Take Over?

After staying in PH for quite a few months I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing will put PH right. There are far too many vested interests in the status quo for anybody to change things. The US does not really want PH for all the reasons on this PFB site. Why doesn’t China just take it over? At least they could teach things that are not being taught at…


A Local’s Point of View

Ok, I’m taking the plunge and posting for the first time. First of all, yup I’m a local. I dont look like it, but until I open my mouth and speak Tagalog, I go through the same things that you all do, and yeah, I empathize. Ive found the posts during the last couple of weeks both hillarious and scary. Thats right, scary. I dont think I’ve ever read an…


Philippines Land of Illusions: Hiding the Truth

I posted the above image on Facebook a week ago. A bit of searching through Google after a particularly bad traffic day. Loved the dog. My wife got pissed off at me for doing that. “Why do you want to post a picture like that? To give people a bad impression of the Philippines? So they won’t come here?” I said to her, “But that’s what it’s actually like. You…


Fish ‘n Shits

You all know I have this one sari sari that I buy my Cokes, beer and other stuff because they have never overcharged me. Pinoy Pride strikes again. A few weeks ago I bought 6 pilsen from them and when I took them out of the bag my hands stank to high heaven. I washed them off and figured the smell came from the bag they used. It was a…


FILIPINO PIMPS: The True Colors of Filipino Parents

  Just thought I’d write a little bit about Filipino parents pimping their kids and excusing this as the “culture” to hide what is really going on – exploiting! I find it hilarious that this culture does everything backwards. With just about any other culture, parents do whatever they can to help their child succeed and provide for them because they know, one day down the road their kid’s will…

Stupid Filipinos at McDonalds

Three Course Breakfast At McDo

Just a quickie to share my amusement with Filipino McDo baffoonery with the ongoing INability of Filipinos to serve a complete meal all together at the same fucking time. I’ve been stopping a lot at McDo (I really like their coffee) during my cardio workouts and I sometimes feel the hunger for a sausage McMuffin no egg, and an edible oil saturated dripping sponge (better known as McDo Hash Browns). Yeah, I…


The Stepford Pinay Cashiers

Where to begin? My first trip to the Philippines was when I was in the navy stationed aboard and LST home ported in San Diego. When going overseas we joked about Okinawa being our home port because that’s where we spent a lot of port calls, taxi service for the marines. So when did hit the Philippines it was for maybe 3 days at a time, sometimes even a week….

Philippines education institutionalizing failure.

Philippines Education: Institutionalizing Failure

A couple weeks ago it was time to enroll my son in school again. He is four, almost five, and has already had two years of nursery, and one of kindergarten. The idea was to enroll him in “Kindergarten 2″–one of his previous teachers suggested he is ready for Grade 1 but I think the socialization is as valuable at his age as the actual learning.  He reads, he is fluent in…


Philippines So Far Behind

It’s really amazing to me how far behind the Philippines is when it comes to environmental protection. I heard before I even went to the Philippines, that the Philippine people cherished nature and wanted to protect it. That is so far from what actually happens there. I read two articles today about environmental things that are just common sense in developed countries. The first was about how the rivers in…


Spend A Dollar To Save A Dime

We have all seen it and experienced it first hand in the Philippines. The taxis where the a/c does not work, shocks, struts and tires that Moses used on the wagons when he led the Jews out of Egypt. Traffic lights they won’t turn on, water you cannot drink from tap and often wonder if it’s even safe to bathe in. Ok, you get the point and got a good…


Driving in Manila

Hi. I normally post on my own blog (spikeinmanila.com) but received an invitation from another member to join and post here, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Anyway, a “night in the life.” My wife doesn’t like me to post where I live online so I’ll just say it’s a village in Pasig, a large village and our house is more than 2 kilometers from the front gate….