Really? The Service Has to Always Suck This Badly?

Can anyone explain why I always have to flag down a server in the Philippines? Is there a reason they can’t stop by the table every so often just to check? Then when I really need something, they are nowhere to be found? I go through this all the time. When I sit with my buddies, we always talk about opening a bar and we would immediately have 15% higher…


1 Singaporean = 20 Filippinos

I had reason to look at the GDP of both the Philippines and Singapore….. PH GDP = $272Bn with 107 million inhabitants – Gvt thinks just over 100 million but counting is not their strong point. Singapore GDP = $297Bn with 5.3 million inhabitants Source – Google I think this shines a light on the stupidity of the Philippines.  


Pinoy Pride: Cutting Off His Nose To Spite His Face

You have all heard of my greedy, low life Uncle, Mum’s brother, who we shall call Uncle Dave. Uncle Dave and Mum used to be very close, Mum even paid for his house, even though she herself could hardly afford it because she had us to support while Dad was in and out of jobs in Australia. Mum was kind hearted, Dave was only a Police trainee at the time,…


TIREd of Filipino Failure!

 The following fails are very small in the grand scheme of things, but I think they nicely illustrate the total failure and utter incompetence that is just rife here in the Failopines.  I finally broke down and bought myself a proper motorcycle. I have wanted one pretty much my whole life, but just never got around to buying one. Finally when I moved here to the Philippines it seemed like…

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PFB Discovers FPD

In a recent comment on PFB distinguished member FHPS has actually recognized (unknowingly) a fifth entry that belongs in Cluster B. I think it our civic duty to document and forward our findings to the APA. FPD (Flip Personality Disorder) Signs of FPD: Lacks empathy  Does not recognize personal boundaries of others Blame Shift Unreliable Sees Facebook as reality Blank stare Distorts facts Controlling Can not admit mistakes Provokes others…


The Fighting Cock – More Popular Than Jesus

I have been reading this site for a month and I just was reminded of a topic that annoys me, even though I know it’s part of Filipino culture – the national sport of cockfighting. Everybody talks about Pacqiao and other Filipino boxers, but on most Sundays, fighting birds keep the attention of millions of Pinoys. That’s a good thing because without the birds to fight and take up their…


Commitment And Dating With Opportunists!

I’m here today to share with you part of my experience in online dating and dating in past 8 years. Well first of all I was shocked to my very core when a girl asked me for transportation money just to date me, but since it was 8 years ago and I wasn’t familiar with the begging culture that apparently it’s so normal here and they just call it culture (WTF)…


Receipt Importance

Regarding one recent story about hotel booking and sudden charging for extra person. I mentioned there it’s better to always ask for receipt here. And here’s my story why you always should do that. It’s not really about pinoy stupidity this time, but more about their sneaky nature which I guess forces them to perform some doubtful actions to get extra peso or two. So one day I was at…


Birth Certificate Baffoonery

I’m so ef’ing pissed off right now I’m ready to strangle a few ignorant Filipinos. I got an American guy in Manila I found online that will submit the paperwork with the U.S. embassy for a DCF visa for my wife. I’ve got true original copies coming from the U.S. of previous divorces and I also need true originals of my wife’s birth certificate NSO’s. This is where it becomes…


Dumb As Rocks, Any Advice?

Unsurprisingly, the idiots in our neighborhood are stirring things up again. There was the usual barrage of noisy motorcycles, drunk and loud neighbors, and little kids messing around. Seems normal, (for Philippine standards) right? Well, with this being the Philippines, one is bound to get pissed off sooner or later. I was at a friend’s house at around 9 PM when my mother texted me to come home, as some idiots…


My Filipina Wife Is Draining My Soul

Thought I’d add a quick little story before I go to work. As many of you can probably relate, I, yet again, have to be subjected to my wife’s manipulation, Filogic and down right bitchy attitude. This is an endless cycle I tell you. All it takes is one little thing and this Filipino fucktard puts me through hell once again. If she can’t get her way it’s the same…

Dumb Filipina

My Failippines Experience

I was in Cebu November 2014 & decided to do a little trip to Oslob for two days with my little Filipina friend who i met online. I booked a room at Sacha’s resort Oslob on Agoda which had Two double beds in the room. When I went to check out & make my payment I noticed it said the room only accommodates for 1 person even tho there was Two double…


How I Deal With Encounters Of The Filogical Kind (Part 2)

After posting on my new blog and submitting an article on this website, I realized that I am writing something that may not be as relevant to the older folks as it is to the younger ones. In Part 1 of this series, I spoke about having a zoomed-out view of things and focusing on what matters most, which is our emotions and how they affect our lives. If you’re a young man,…


Random Rules With No Reason

It’s a famous quote that says actions speak louder than words…. I’m speechless to describe the level of stupidity in this picture that I took years ago, imagine how many people gathered around and made up such a rule, imagine how much time and energy and stupidity required to make such a completely random rule, lacking any reason whatsoever, and then pass it to all the facilities! And why the fuck in…


Time Has No Value, Especially Yours

I just wanted to express my thoughts on the Philippine Customer Dis-Service. It is always assumed the gov’t of the Philippines is corrupt, lazy, incompetent, and will make you wait for hours just to get the simplest things accomplished. However, this seems to be in all aspects of the culture whether it be dining out or in my case, going to the bank. Usually when I go to the bank,…


How I Deal With Encounters Of The Filogical Kind (Part 1)

When I found this website, I was like an endangered animal in the wild that stumbled upon a group of other animals that looked like itself. They turned out to be not exactly of the same species, but it was still a refreshing sight to see. Any Filipino who is reasonable enough would and should be able identify with the general sense of logic presented on this website. He may…


Teach Your Children Well?

 I had to go to a meeting at our son’s school today. The meeting was for the parents of the thirty two candidates for Mr. and Miss Nutrition Month. Apparently July is nutrition month in the Philippines. Anyone with a calendar can already see a problem with this meeting. Today is the 16th of July. The month is already half way over and we are just now having a meeting…

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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Recently I noticed this sign has been removed, Was it because the RPA had changed and there was to be no longer a National park? Or was it because everyone knew it was a fucking joke? Or was it because we had a new Mayor in Olongapo? Or was the real reason, that this bridge was NOW  the main access road into Olongapo and this sign was now visible to…